English Voice in Moscow

English Voice in Moscow…

Nightmare scenario: you get to the studio to record a script and have next to no time to turn a translated text into acceptable and natural English. Also you have to edit it so you can read it well. As the sweat pours from your face, you must marshal your thoughts, for hunched in the control room are the sound engineer, the client, the producer, all impatient for you to start. But you can’t start until you have ironed the wrinkles out of the mangled prose that hovers beneath your desperate nib.

This is my life working as an English voice artist in a non-English speaking country. The scripts I get vary from incomprehensible drivel generated by online translators to scripts that need only light editing. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get scripts in advance. When I get a bad script in the studio just before a recording session, I really am firmly put on the spot. I have to edit fast. The studio is costing the client money, and my time (also money!). I recently spent 45 minutes of an hour’s session revising a bad script in the studio and only had 15 minutes left to voice it. It’s the kind of nightmare made all the more nightmarish by the fact that all this is so easily avoidable.

The studio is not the place to edit! Instead, edit the script well in advance and have a dream session, not a nightmare. This really is the golden and number one rule of recording scripts that were originally written in another language. In my case, Russian. Let me handle all your script translation and editing needs. I have vast experience of this area and I guarantee perfect English that can be spoken perfectly and beautifully.