Home voiceover studio advantage

What is the home voiceover studio advantage? These days many voice over artists work from home studios. That includes me and a number of my colleagues. The reasons are obvious and the advantages many. To start with it saves a huge amount of time, energy and importantly money. Nobody has to book a studio and pay for it. Depending on where you are, these fees can really rack up. What’s more, no one has to travel to a recording location, which of course takes time and can fray the nerves when you’re late and stuck in traffic. Having said that, working in a professional studio with a good engineer and director is always a pleasure, but this is an expensive option – around twice as expensive in fact.

For example, the cost of the above narration, which I did in my home studio for 8,000 rubles, would have been at least 16,000 rubles in a pro studio. My rate is higher if I have to travel to a studio and then the client obviously has to pay for studio and production time on top of the voice over fee. A minimum of a 50% saving! How’s that for a home voiceover studio advantage!

Some clients like to be present during voice over recording to ensure they get what they want; they worry this won’t happen if the voice over records at home. This is a fair and understandable concern. However, if you brief your narrator correctly and give them a reference for how you want them to read, then there should be no problems. Also, I am usually happy to re-record at no extra expense if something is not quite right.

All in all, home recording is a very attractive option for those on a budget or those who wish to maximize their budgets and therefore their profits. Click here to see how the process works.